About us

The Investigative Journalism Center is a non-profit association created to develop investigative journalism of public interest.

Why non-profit?

Investigative journalism helps to promote open, accountable and fair democracy by exposing mistakes and holding power accountable. However, investigative journalism faces internal threats (resource constraints in a changing and commercial media environment) and external threats (laws, policies and restrictive practices).
Investigative journalism is an expensive and risky investment. You need time and resources to succeed; discover facts beyond the apparent; to keep the mighty ones in mind.
In a purely commercial environment, investigative journalism often struggles to compete with instantly gratifying journalism and fast food - the type that sells newspapers today, but involves the fish tomorrow.
Non-profit, donor-funded models represent an alternative to gaining ground around the world. Adequate non-profit funding helps to ensure that public interest in exposing crime is met.

To conceive and implement projects in the field of investigative journalism, with a view to achieving the objectives of the Center: Realizing an information collection on Organized Crime and all its actions, acts of Corruption in the country, the SADC region and Africa in order to support the institutions involved in their fight, as well as influence policy formulation and decision making at all levels by analyzing the issues related to the above themes.

We aim at an integrated approach to addressing the issues surrounding these issues in Mozambique, SADC and the African continent, which will ensure the implementation and implementation of strategies to combat them effectively and discourage such activities in the national, regional and continental areas , perhaps in the world allowing the establishment of Peace and Security, respect for Human Rights, Justice, Democracy and the development of the country and the African continent.
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