The Kinshasa Putsch: “A Luta Continua” from Maputo (with Money)?

The Kinshasa Putsch: “A Luta Continua” from Maputo (with Money)?

  By Luis Nhachote, in Maputo   The recent and failed coup in the DRC state capita of  Kinshasa, has exposed the dodgy links between "Fr


By Luis Nhachote, in Maputo


The recent and failed coup in the DRC state capita of  Kinshasa, has exposed the dodgy links between “Frelimo of now”, as many members call it.

The general and soul family of the still charge-president Nyusi, Mr Chipande, emerges as the godfather in the business affairs of the failed putsch’s mastermind: Christian Malanga (41).

In a video from eight month back, posted by Mr Christian Malanga on his LinkedIn profile, he described  himself as the President of the New Zaire Government in Exile and as the national president of the UCP (United Congolese Party) in an official image next to the old flag of Zaire (Congo Kinshasa) raised by putschists in the presidential building during recent incidents.



In the shot footage at what seems like the back of the General Chipande’s house, after a conversation, Chipande stands up, shakes Malanga’s hand and says: “The struggle continues!” Malanga replies: “The struggle continues General!”. He continues by saying: “Now it’s economics! It’s not about killing!” His interlocutor replies: “No! It’s different! Its different!” “No more killing, now economy, development, for well-being!” His interlocutors agree and the clip finishes.



This video is captioned: It was an honour to discuss with the revolutionary and founder of #Mozambique, General Alberto Joaquim #Chipande. The similarities that Cabo Delgado and Eastern Congo face today are very similar. I thank Mozambique’s leadership for advising #NewZaire on security reform. #RDC #DRC”.


In the comments Mr Constantino Conwana (commercial manager and travel conceptionary  ) says: “Here are the people who sold Cabo Delgado”. Mosek Kana (Congolese, Sales Director at Smart Orange) says: “courage mon frére, sache une cose que a lutte continue mais la victoire est certaine. Merci!/Courage my brother, and know this: the fight goes on but victory is certain. Thank you!”. Jiguerd Makano (Congolese, high tech) comments: “Good job Bro!”


He is the joint proprietor of Global Solutions, an organisation set up in Mozambique and registered in the city of Chimoio, which focuses on mining, security, construction, education, health, fishing, agriculture and other related services. A strange mix of activities. Security business enables the company to purchase paramilitary gear, weapons and bullet-proof jackets, cuffs, safety equipment such as boots and boots.

Its partners are Benjamin Reuben Zalman-Polun, an adult, of North American nationality, holder of passport number 580228507, issued by the United States of America on the thirtieth of March, two thousand and eighteen, and resident in the city of Maputo, and Christian Musumari Malanga, of Eswatini nationality, holder of passport number 80002095, issued by Eswatini on the fourteenth of October, two thousand and twenty-one, and resident in the city of Maputo.


Interestingly, or otherwise, they are both part of the Kinshasa putschists and both accidentally resident in Chimoio.

Bantu Mining Company (wrongly Campany) Limitada, CCB Mining Solutions, Limitada, are other companies registered by the same individuals involved in the coup attempt in the DRC who used Mozambique as a platform for their activities with the blessing of an influential member of the national political, military and security nomenklatura: Alberto Joaquim Chipande, The General.



A Third element, Marcel Malanga (21), Malanga’s American son, appears in a photo in the international terminal of Maputo International Airport (on one of the visits of his father’s mining activities in Mozambique, he also appears in the images of the failed coup. Benjamin Zalman-Polun (36), Malanga’s partner, is an American cannabis entrepreneur from Maryland, Utah.


One of the major issues that Frelimo is systematically putting on the back foot is the cover-up of foreigners arriving in the country on the pretence of commercial activity. The Brazilian criminal Fuminho, the Paris bomber and Pablo Escobar’s family would all have passed through Mozambique, whose capital is dominated by Frelimo oligarchies who are increasingly greedy for power and wealth and who deal with the affairs of organisations in their own homes, putting the country on the trail of international criminals and dragging the prestige of the organisation they are supposed to serve and the state into the mud.



This cover up provides a material benefit to some groups, who use it as an opportunity both to influence Frelimo’s internal policies and power, becoming like political Oligarchs.


The capture of security agencies, for instance, by placing people from their tribe within the Makonde group follows the command to get wealthier at all costs than the others. The gas dealings, the war logistics, the state procurement process and the authorisation of international and foreign investors is no longer carried on by the state but directly by people such as general Chipande, who believe that the liberation war was for this purpose: to enrich himself.


When Malanga said he wouldn’t kill, he was killed in the presidential gardens in Kinshasa, gun in hand, despite General Chipande’s advice. When this gentleman was here, what did SISE do?

The Chipande Foundation issued a statement on Wednesday distancing itself from the coup plotter. Malanga had also settled in Eswatini, where one of Chipande’s sons is attached to the High Commission and it may have been Chipande JR who took him to his father.